eLitmus Evaluation Private Limited | 2013-2017

India’s largest assessment and recruitment company.

To take a break from the fluorescent colours, I have joined the eLitmus as an Associate in Operations Department.

I was responsible for western region businesses like conducting campus placement drives, event management and pH Test. With the regular stuff I also kept my passion here, I’ve redesigned the logo, web layouts, graphics and I felt lucky that I was part of interior design things for the Bengaluru Head Office. Recently, I worked on Post-production things for client testimonials.

MindSpace Ventures Limited
MindSpace Ventures Limited | 2009-2013
Pre-school chain with over 100+ schools and Interactive learning centres, Tutoring centres throughout India
Corporate Identity

Developed more than five-plus education brands with promotional activities including print, social, video and web media

Interactive Learning

Responsible for interactive learning videos, multi-device eLearning platform, creating customized lesson videos for Preschool

Print and OOH Media

Involved in promotional activities for screens, newspapers, hoardings, events, campaigning as well as activity book publishing

Social Media

Handling social media activities for promoting the business through Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and several educational portals

Team Lead

Leading the team of 7+ Graphics and Animation professionals on time-sensitive projects of eLearning

Web Development

CMS and ERP based website for Pre-school chain where management, franchise and parents can interact with each-other

Fosters India Ltd.
Quality Informatics  Quality Informatics
Incare Pharma  Incare Pharma
SKF Bearings  Bearings
UBC Bearings  Bearings
TVS Saira Motors  Saira Motors