They won't teach what's done in the market. If I was paying lakhs of ruppees for education, I think I wouldn't be the best with the skills I was getting.

Finished high schooling from the state board with an average grade, without any extra-curricular activity.


from School of Business Education in Business Management and Technology.


from RSCOE in last year of Masters in Computer Applications.


I am passionate about codes, graphics and music. Holding seven+ years of experience in media and education industry.

Have industry expertise in branding, media and promotional activities. Good command over an image and video editing and vast information on multimedia tools.

I can't stop my curiosity about learning new things. Time is precious for me perhaps I can't stay away from the sitcoms, you can call me a bookworm, as well as, I'm an avid traveller.

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Media Channel
Institute for Multimedia Studies

I've completed graphics and animations training while working with Fosters like brands for their in-house branding.

Media Agency

Skilled up on media planning and buying. Involved in promotional activities such as events, visual platforms for SKF, SAIM, Skoda.

Pixel Graphics
Outdoor Media

Focused on printing technology from RGB to CMYK to Pantone starting from paper to fabric to substance for OOH media.

Abhishek Advertisers
Advertising Agency

Sharpen skills on brand development, advertisements, visuals, typography, campaigning, working on the palette.

Office365  Office365
CorelDraw  CorelDraw
 Adobe Photoshop  Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator  Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign  Adobe InDesign
Adobe After Effects  Adobe After Effects
Adobe Dreamweaver  Adobe Dreamweaver
Bootstrap  Bootstrap
Wordpress  Wordpress